The table below lists all aspects that should be incorporated into an arc welding procedure specification, according to EN ISO 15609-1, as well as links to parts of the website that can provide more information. For ease of use, an Excel template is provided below.

Note, this list is deliberately exhaustive. Some of these factors may not be applicable. Spend a moment checking the logic to see if "N/A" is a perfectly reasonable answer.

Welding Procedure Specification Checklist

EN ISO 15609-1 - Information required
Manufacturer info
Manufacturer ID
Parent metal info
Parent metal designation
- Standard
- Material Certificates
Group number - EN ISO 15608 - Material 1
Group number - EN ISO 15608 - Material 2
Material dimensions
Thickness range of joint
Outside pipe diameter range
All processes
Welding process - EN ISO 4063
Sketch of joint design
Welding Position
Joint preparation - grinding, machining
Joint preparation - cleaning, degreasing
Jigging, fixtures and tack welding
- Max width
- Amplitude, frequency, dwell
Torch angle
Electrode angle
Wire angle
Back gouging method
Back gouging depth and shape
Backing type and method
Backing material
Backing gas specification
Welding consumable details
- Designation
- Manufacturer
- Trade name
- Material certificates
Welding consumable dimension
Filler metal and flux handling
AC or DC polarity
Pulsed current
- Pulse time, current, frequency
- Background time, current
Current range
Travel speed range
Wire feed speed range
Minimum preheat
Max/min interpass T
Post-heat temperature range for hydrogen release
Minimum hold time for hydrogen release
Post-weld heat treatment temperature range
Minimum post-weld heat treatment time
Shielding gas - EN ISO 14175
- Designation
- Manufacturer
- Trade name
Range of heat input
Specific processes
Manual metal arc/stick
Run out length of electrode
Travel speed range
Submerged arc
Number of wire electrodes
Polarity of wire elctrodes
Contact tip-workpiece distance
- Designation
- Manufacturer
- Trade name
Additional filler metal
Arc voltage range
Metal inert/active gas
Gas flow rate
Nozzle diameter
Number of wire electrodes
Additional filler metal
Contact tip-workpiece distance
Arc voltage range
Metal transfer mode
Tungsten inert gas
Tungsten electrode diameter
Tungsten designation - EN ISO 6848
Gas flow rate
Nozzle diameter
Additional filler metal
Plasma gas composition
Plasma nozzle diameter
Plasma gas flow rate
Shielding gas composition
Shielding gas nozzle diameter
Shielding gas flow rate
Type of torch
Plasma current
Contact tip-workpiece distance