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Procedure Qualification
EN ISO 11970Procedure qualification - Steel castings
EN ISO 15607Procedure qualification - General rules for metals
EN ISO 15608Materials grouping for qualification
EN ISO 156091Required WPS contents - Arc welding
EN ISO 156092Required WPS contents - Gas welding
EN ISO 156093Required WPS contents - Electron beam welding
EN ISO 156094Required WPS contents - Laser beam welding
EN ISO 156095Required WPS contents - Resistance welding
EN ISO 156096Required WPS contents - Laser-arc hybrid welding
EN ISO 15610Procedure qualification - Using tested consumables
EN ISO 15611Procedure qualification - Using previous experience
EN ISO 15612Procedure qualification - Using standard welding procedures
EN ISO 15613Procedure qualification - Pre-production ("non-standard") test
EN ISO 156141Procedure qualification - Test method - Arc/Gas welding of steel/nickel
EN ISO 156142Procedure qualification - Test method - Arc welding of aluminium
EN ISO 156143Procedure qualification - Test method - Fusion welding of cast iron
EN ISO 156144Procedure qualification - Test method - Finish welding of aluminium castings
EN ISO 156145Procedure qualification - Test method - Arc welding of titanium/zirconium
EN ISO 156146Procedure qualification - Test method - Arc/Gas welding of copper
EN ISO 156147Procedure qualification - Test method - Overlay welding
EN ISO 156148Procedure qualification - Test method - Tube to tube-plate welding
EN ISO 1561410Procedure qualification - Test method - Hyperbaric dry welding
EN ISO 1561411Procedure qualification - Test method - Electron/Laser beam welding
EN ISO 1561412Procedure qualification - Test method - Spot/Seam/Projection welding
EN ISO 1561413Procedure qualification - Test method - Upset (resistance butt)/flash welding
EN ISO 1561414Procedure qualification - Test method - Laser-arc hybrid welding of steel/nickel
EN ISO 252394Procedure qualification - Friction stir welding of aluminium
Welder Qualification
BS 48721Welder qualification without qualified procedure - Fusion welding of steel
BS 48722Welder qualification without qualified procedure - MIG/TIG welding of aluminium
EN 2871Welder qualification - Fusion welding of steels
EN 2876Welder qualification - Fusion welding of cast iron
EN 13067Welder qualification - Thermoplastics
EN 147302Welder qualification - Aluminothermic welding of rails
EN 14732Welder qualification - Mechanized/Automatic welding of metals
EN ISO 96061Welder qualification - Fusion welding of steels
EN ISO 96062Welder qualification - Fusion welding of aluminium
EN ISO 96063Welder qualification - Fusion welding of copper
EN ISO 96064Welder qualification - Fusion welding of nickel
EN ISO 96065Welder qualification - Fusion welding of titanium/zirconium
EN ISO 156181Welder qualification - Hyperbaric wet (underwater) welding
EN ISO 156182Welder qualification - Hyperbaric dry (underwater) welding
EN ISO 252393Welder qualification - Friction stir welding of aluminium
ISO 24394Welder qualification - Fusion welding of metals for aerospace
Quality Requirements
EN ISO 14731Welding coordination
PD CEN/TR 16826Plastics welding supervisor requirements
EN 10902Technical requirements for steel structures
EN 10903Technical requirements for aluminium structures
PD 6705-3Recommendations for 1090-3 aluminium structures
EN ISO 13920Tolerances for dimensions of welded constructions
EN ISO 38341Quality requirements for fusion welding - quality level selection
EN ISO 38342Quality requirements for fusion welding - comprehensive
EN ISO 38343Quality requirements for fusion welding - standard
EN ISO 38344Quality requirements for fusion welding - elementary
EN ISO 38345Quality requirements for fusion welding - document requirements
PD CEN ISO/TR 3834-66Guidelines for implementing a quality system
EN ISO 145541Quality requirements for resistance welding - comprehensive
EN ISO 145542Quality requirements for resistance welding - elementary
EN ISO 17663Quality requirements for heat treatment
EN 50504Validation of arc welding equipment
EN ISO 17662Calibration of welding and ancillary equipment
PD ISO/TR 18491Measurement of welding energies
Terminology and Vocabulary
EN 14610Definitions of metal welding processes
EN ISO 4063Process names and numbers
PD CEN ISO/TR 20172Grouping of European materials
PD CEN ISO/TR 20173Grouping of American materials
PD CEN ISO/TR 20174Grouping of Japanese materials
EN ISO 6947Welding positions
PD CEN/TR 14633Comparison of welding positions
BS 499Welding/Brazing/Thermal cutting glossary
EN 1792Multilingual list of terms
EN ISO 17659Terms for welds and joints
EN 12584/ISO 17658Multilingual list of terms with illustrations
ISO 8572Brazing and soldering vocabulary
PD CEN/TR 14599Terms and definitions
PD ISO/TR 25901Vocabulary
EN ISO 17677Vocabulary of resistance welding
Symbols and Drawings
EN 2574Information on drawings
EN 27826Symbols for resistance welding equipment
EN ISO 2553Symbols for welded joints
Joint Design
EN 1708Weld joint details for steel
EN ISO 9692Recommended joint preparations
BS 8548Arc welding of reinforcing steel
EN 10111Guidance for arc welding
EN 10112Guidance for arc welding ferritic steels
EN 10113Guidance for arc welding stainless steels
EN 10114Guidance for arc welding aluminium
EN 10115Guidance for arc welding clad steels
EN 10116Guidance for laser beam welding
EN 10117Guidance for electron beam welding
EN 10118Guidance for welding of cast irons
EN ISO 17660Welding of reinforcing steel
EN ISO 13916Control of preheat and interpass temperatures
PD CEN ISO/TR 14745PWHT parameters for steels
BD CEN/TR 15135Design and NDT of welds
PD ISO/TR 108092Welding of cast iron
PD ISO/TS 18166Numerical modelling of welding
Non-destructive testing
EN ISO 9712NDT personnel
EN ISO 17635General rules for NDT
EN ISO 17637Visual inspection
EN ISO 34521Liquid penetrant testing
EN ISO 17638Magnetic particle inspection
EN ISO 17636Radiographic inspection
EN ISO 10863Ultrasonic inspection - time of flight diffraction
EN ISO 13588Ultrasonic inspection
EN ISO 17640Ultrasonic inspection
EN ISO 22825Ultrasonic inspection
EN ISO 23279Ultrasonic testing and indication characterization
EN 13100NDT testing of thermoplastic joints
Destructive testing
EN ISO 17639Macroscopic and microscopic testing
EN ISO 5173Bend tests
EN ISO 8249Ferrite numbers
EN ISO 9015Hardness testing
EN ISO 9016Impact testing
EN ISO 5178Tensile testing
EN ISO 4136Tensile testing
EN ISO 9018Tensile testing
EN ISO 9017Fracture testing
EN 12814Destructive testing of thermoplastic joints
Weld Imperfections and Acceptance
EN ISO 6520Classification of geometric imperfections
PD CEN ISO/TS 17845Designation system for imperfections
EN ISO 17658Imperfections in cutting processes
EN 14728Classification of imperfections in thermoplastic welds
EN ISO 5817Quality levels for fusion welds in steel/nickel/titanium
EN ISO 10042Quality levels for fusion welds in aluminium
EN ISO 12932Quality levels for laser-arc hybrid welds in steel/nickel
EN ISO 13919Quality levels for electron/laser beam welds of steel/aluminium
EN 147302Weld acceptance for aluminothermic welds
PD CEN/TR 15235Methods for assessing imperfections in metallic structures
EN ISO 10675Acceptance levels for radiography
EN ISO 11666Acceptance levels for ultrasonic inspection
EN ISO 15626Acceptance levels for ultrasonic inspection
EN ISO 23278Acceptance levels for MPI
EN ISO 23277Acceptance levels for penetrant inspection
Weldability Testing
BS 7363Bead on plate test method for welds
EN ISO 3690Determination of hydrogen content in arc weld metal
EN ISO 17641Hot cracking testing
EN ISO 17642Cold cracking testing
PD CEN ISO/TR 17844Cold cracking avoidance METHODS
EN ISO 17652Shop primer testing
EN ISO 167655Delta ferrite testing
Consumables - General
EN ISO 14175Gases and gas mixtures
EN ISO 14344Purchasing welding consumables
EN ISO 544Delivery conditions for filler materials and fluxes
EN 12074Quality requirements for manufacture, supply and distribution of consumables
EN 22401Calculation of efficiency, recovery and deposition of covered electrodes
EN ISO 6847Testing of consumables
EN 14532Test methods and quality requirements for filler metals
EN ISO 14372Determination of moisture resistance of MMA electrodes
EN ISO 15792Testing of consumables
Consumables - MMA
EN ISO 2560Steels
EN ISO 18275High-strength steels
EN ISO 3580Creep-resisting steels
EN ISO 3581Stainless/heat-resisting steels
EN ISO 14172Nickel
EN ISO 17777Copper
EN ISO 1071Cast iron
Consumables - MIG/MAG
EN ISO 14341Steels
EN ISO 16834High-strength steels
EN ISO 21952Creep-resisting steels
EN ISO 14343Stainless/heat-resisting steels
EN ISO 18273Aluminium
EN ISO 18274Nickel
EN ISO 24373Copper
EN ISO 1071Cast iron
EN ISO 24034Titanium
Consumables - TIG
EN ISO 636Steels
EN ISO 16834High-strength steels
EN ISO 21952Creep-resisting steels
EN ISO 14343Stainless/heat-resisting steels
EN ISO 18273Aluminium
EN ISO 18274Nickel
EN ISO 24373Copper
EN ISO 1071Cast iron
EN ISO 24034Titanium
Consumables - Submerged arc
EN ISO 14171Steels
EN ISO 26304High-strength steels
EN ISO 24598Creep-resisting steels
EN ISO 14343Stainless/heat-resisting steels
EN ISO 18274Nickel
EN ISO 14174Fluxes
Consumables - Cored wire
EN ISO 17632Steels
EN ISO 18276High-strength steels
EN ISO 17634Creep-resisting steels
EN ISO 17633Stainless/heat-resisting steels
EN ISO 12153Nickel
EN ISO 1071Cast iron
Consumables - Gas Welding
EN 12536Steels
EN 1071Cast iron
Arc welding
EN 60974Arc welding equipment
EN ISO 6848Tungsten electrodes
EN ISO 14555Arc stud welding
Resistance Welding
BS 807Spot welding electrodes
BS 1140Spot welding of low carbon steels
BS 4129Weldable primers/sealants/adhesives and waxes
BS 4204Flash welding of pressure steel tubes
BS 4215Electrodes, electrode holders and ancillary equipment
BS 6944Flash welding of ferrous butt joints
BS 7670Projection welding of steel nuts and bolts
EN 28167Projections for resistance welding
EN 62135Resistance welding equipment
EN ISO 14373Procedure for spot welding steels
Friction/Friction Stir Welding
EN ISO 15620Friction welding of metals
EN ISO 25239Friction stir welding of aluminium
EN 4632Weldability and brazeability of materials for aerospace
EN 4677Quality of electron beam weldments
EN 4678Quality of laser beam weldments
ISO 16338Resistance spot and seam welding for aerospace
ISO 17533Welding information for design documents
BS 2633Class 1 arc welding of ferritic steel pipework carrying fluids
BS 2971Class 2 arc welding of ferritic steel pipework carrying fluids
BS 45151Welding of carbon/carbon manganese steel pipelines
BS 45152Welding of duplex stainless steel pipelines
BS 4677Arc welding of austenitic stainless steel pipework carrying fluids
BS 6990Code of practice for welding steel pipes containing fluids
EN 14163Welding of pipelines
EN 14587Flash butt welding of rails
EN 147301Process qualification - Aluminothermic welding of rails
EN 147302Welder qualification - Aluminothermic welding of rails
EN 15085Quality control and inspection of welding of railway vehicles and components
EN 15594Repair of rails by arc welding
EN 16771Aluminothermic welding of grooved wails
BS 4570Fusion welding of steel castings
EN 12943Filler metals
EN 13705Equipment for hot gas/extrusion welding
PD CEN/TS 16892Specification of welding procedures
EN 14717Environmental checklist
PD ISO/TR 18786Guidelines for risk assessment
EN 166Eye protection
EN 169Eye protection
EN 170Eye protection
EN 171Eye protection
EN 175Eye/Face shields
EN 379Automatic eye shades
EN 12477Gloves
EN ISO 11611Protective clothing
EN 12477Protective clothing
EN ISO 10882Fume sampling in breathing zone
EN ISO 15011Fume sampling
EN ISO 15012Fume removal equipment
EN ISO 25980Curtains and screens